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  2. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    Early season predictions

    I have always thought that Goose Creek is a sleeping giant just waiting for the right coach. My understanding is that they have hired a young guy with Lehigh ties who can make that program into a powerhouse. I have also heard there is a wrestling club close by which can't hurt. Watch out 5A...
  3. I believe Eastside has the most solid line up in the state in all classifications especially with the new wrestlers they have in the program now...I also think they are closely fallowed by WO which has a few new kids plus alot of returning SQ should be interesting this year
  4. Chapin and Cane Bay could add some noise to lower state 5A. 6 returning SQ's for Chapin, 5 for Cane Bay. 5A across the state should be pretty competitive when you take into account that no one team has a "dominant" amount of SQ's coming back. River Bluff has 4, Woodmont 4, Rock Hill 3, Hillcrest 3, Fort D, Fort Mill 3, Lugoff - Elgin 3, Byrnes 3, Greenwood 3, Goose Creek 3.
  5. It is especially helpful in that it's early in the season and gives kids a chance to perform after the spotlight has shined on them. Also gives others a nice reality check just as the season starts.
  6. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    SC Super 32 Entry List

    This is possibly the most important folkstyle tournament, along with Iron Man. Winning this tournament got Tim Dudley from Irmo a great deal of national attention. Good luck to the SC entrants.
  7. Or they could make one of you guys watch to help boost sales. Nothing sells concessions quite like making a team weigh in, and then having them stand around for a while with nothing to do but watch other teams wrestle.
  8. HS David Hunsberger 106 Byrnes Thomas Ross 106 Powdersville High School Jackson Luke Rumfelt 113 York comprehensive high Micah DiCarlo 113 Wando High School Matteo Vargo 120 Fort Dorchester High School Brandon Dasen 120 Chesnee High School Chandler Amaker 120 Fort Dorchester High School Alejandro luna 120 Palmetto High Gabriel Ellison 120 Woodruff high school Solomon Cortez 120 Indian Land High School Koby Moore 120 Emerald High School Noah Moore 126 Emerald High School Israel Schultz 126 Goose Creek High School Jordan Aluyan 126 Fort Dorchester Highschool Joseph Brown 126 Fort Dorchester High School Matthew Cain 126 Powdersville High School Joshua Maningding 132 Stratford Preston Soriano 132 Stratford High School Bailey Wilkins 132 Rock Hill High School Shuler Elkins 138 T.L. Hanna Riley Augustine 138 Eastside High School Bryson Beaudin 145 Byrnes high school Bryson Ethington 145 Eastside High School Markeith Drakeford 152 Indian Land High School Thomas Schock 152 woodmont Garrett Starks 152 Woodmont William Butler 160 River Bluff High School Walker Stephenson 170 Hillcrest HS Ryan Humel 182 May River Hs Jake James 285 Hartsville High School MS Teague Strobel SC Lexington 7th 70 Ty Tice SC Northwood Middle School 8th 85 Jermaine Peace SC Cane Bay Middle 7th 90 Will Hendricks SC Belton Middle School 8th 100 Joseph Morris SC Cherokee Trail Elementary 6th 100 Garrett Williams SC Chesnee Middle School 8th 112 Preston Rhodes SC Marrington Middle 7th 120 Girls Isabella Hoffman 108 Fort Mill High School 9th Tomia Acoya pate 123 North Augusta high school 12th Jaleena Graham 148 Dutch Fork 9th Kyleigh Dean 160 Aynor High 9th Dasia Yearby 160 Christ Church Episcopal School 9th Really solid number of entries for SC. I have always thought of Fargo being the toughest tournament, no questions asked, but I'm not sure that's still the case given how deep this tournament has become. So great it's so close.
  9. I know eastside and west oak are both wrestling crescent at crescent on the same night this year - would be great if they could make that a tri match
  10. I think I herd somewhere that woodmont might also be tough in 5a .. Eastside should be solid in 4a they have some new kids this year I agree everyone else is wrestling for runner up at best..WO in 3a is looking like the best team they also have a few new kids
  11. 5A - Byrnes has everybody returning I believe. Hillcrest will be solid along with Rock Hill. Lowerstate - I believe River Bluff is the best but the lowerstate should be loaded with the additions of Lugoff, Chapin and Cane Bay. Fort D and Ashley Ridge will have their typical contending teams. Summerville has some good returning wrestlers. 4A - Eastside - Everybody else wrestling for 2nd best 3A - West Oak and Indian Land - those two teams shouldn’t have any trouble meeting deep in the playoffs with winner being state champ.
  12. 3A ..I believe belongs to West oak..I also think West oak could challenge both the teams mentioned
  13. I'm putting together the digital publications; Football in the Midlands and the South Carolina HS Football weekly. It has taken a lot of work to get those out and they are now coming every week. I will begin back putting the content on here but the truth is, the people come but they aren't posting. It baffles me that we can have 500 people on here just "ghosting" and not posting. The digital pubs are averaging 17,000 + downloads a week. So I KNOW people are reading those.
  14. So Rick Hill a shoe in for 5A? Eastside for 4A? Anyone going to challenge them?
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  16. thats a competitive eating team - and our hospitality ladies have been warned!!!!
  17. I heard that Bill Pierce was getting together a team of studs to make a big statement at the Southern slam this year.
  18. What teams should be tough this year?
  19. scpackfan

    SC Alum in College

    Morris (RS Senior) is planned for 149. However, Morris is not nationally ranked and projected 3rd in the ACC. Obviously, that wt. is a weak point for us so if he can get down to it I would think he’d get a look. Good times ahead for Wolfpack wrestling. Pop is one of our ADs best hires. What he has in in his time in Raleigh is incredible.
  20. Zain Retherford is coming to Darkhorse Join Darkhorse Wrestling on Saturday, October 13th from 9a – 4p as we welcome camp clinician Zain Retherford, one of the most dominant wrestlers in NCAA history! • 2x Hodge Trophy winner • 3x NCAA National Champion • 4x All-American • 3x Big10 Champion • World Team Member Limited space available! For more information, visit our website at https://eur02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdarkhorsewrestlingnc.com%2F&data=02|01||c7c4b06a700649c5e34e08d62e4941d2|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|636747289497528793&sdata=BIz6RggurpY5UZ05j6M1PwHrRDXW2CqscBMihXum1nQ%3D&reserved=0 Darkhorse practices every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. In addition, we also offer "beginner" classes on Wednesdays. We offer monthly and "drop-in" (one-time) pricing options with no contracts. We welcome wrestlers of all ages who want to prepare for the Super 32 and the upcoming season, drill with serious wrestlers, or improve their skills. Darkhorse Wrestling 2941 Interstate Street Charlotte, NC, 28208
  21. ParTerre57

    SC Alum in College

    Yeah Oliver is for sure the guy at 49 for the Pack this year. Any chance AJ is down at 41? I think one of the Morris brothers is slated to start there per Flo. Regardless, his time is coming for sure. I've said it before on here but Pop might be the best developer of talent in the country. What he's done with that program is really incredible. Would be a nice little win for SC if Leitten and Trephan are in the lineup together for a few years.
  22. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    ACC Getting Television Channel

    I'm not holding my breath. A club team is not going to drive the decision to re-instate wrestling. It will take a lot of money - pay coaches and budget for travel not to mention needing a facility. Will take a large endowment from a well-healed donor. The only other way I see it happening is if the ACC gets behind women's wrestling and Clemson wants to jump on the bandwagon.
  23. scpackfan

    ACC Getting Television Channel

    Can’t wait for that either. If the groundswell from a number of the guys on the club team including a kid from my son’s high school work out, you might get both wishes. 🤞🤞🤞
  24. scpackfan

    SC Alum in College

    Leitten’s time is coming in Raliegh. He’ll be battling a graduate transfer from Central Michigan (Justin Oliver) who came in over the summer. Oliver is a 3 time NCAA qualifier and I think an All-American one of those years. Battling this guy can only make Leitten better in the long run.
  25. During the Clemson game yesterday the ESPN announcers stated that starting next August ESPN will partner with the ACC to give the conference it's own TV channel. If done like BTN and PAC-12 it should showcase the smaller sports. Can't wait to see some ACC wrestling matches next winter and watch my Clemson Tigers on the mat.... oh, wait.
  26. He ain't the only one. This can be a lonely place. Sometimes goes days without a post. Wish it would become the lively place like message boards were in days gone by.
  27. I know I’m N.C. poster but I find this a game of interest. 5-1 Gaffney vs 6-0 Dorman. Ok S.C posters what can y’all tell about this game. Looks to be a good one. I’ve watched Dorman play in a playoff game back in the 90’s. Dorman has a good football program.
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