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    This to me would make the most sense out of any idea anyone would ever come up with. On another note, still not sure why they don't do realignment by sport. This would eliminate byes come playoff time and would also make each class more equitable in terms of playoff participants. Another indicator of the HSL's apathy is the whole move charter and private schools up a class issue. Roughly a half dozen states already do this and while there is certainly blow back from private schools in these states somehow it gets done.
  4. Guest


    The most equitable and best thing that the SCHSL could do to make realignment better is this: 1. Take all non football playing schools out of the initial realignment breakdown....there are quite a few by the way.. 2. Divide 1-A thru 5-A using whatever percentages the decide on. Whether it is 20% per class or 1A and 5A 12.5% each and 2A thru 4-A 25%.......or any other formula they choose. 3. Plug the teams into Regions by classification. Depending on location there could possibly be some regions that were all non-football but not likely. 4. After Regions are set up by classification, then add back in the non-football schools which would be Region members in the sports that they do participate in. 5. This wild definitely make some 2A schools 1A, some 3A schools 2A, etc. but not many. You wouldn’t have all the byes in 1A and competition would be better in all classifications.
  5. Garcia at Carolina Forest is one of the Best QB you will see in HSFB Doty and MB's game raised by Super Wide Outs Darius Hough 6'3" 205lbs J.J. Jones 6'4" 190lbs Adam Randall 6'3" 198lbs
  6. suntzu189

    job finder canada

    Does anyone know if there are any teams in Canada looking to host the 3x AAAA state champion Eagles? Specifically, 1/29/20, 2/5/20, 2/21-22/20?
  7. job finder canada Job Search Technique #1: Do nothing, or principally nothing. Assume that there aren’t any jobs out there, or their square measure too several qualified candidates to conduct a eminent search. Job Search Tip #2: Say nothing. ne’er name being out of labor or part-time. The surest thanks to ne’er get employment, is to ne’er fire one. The second surest thanks to fail employment search is to ne’er mention to folks you recognize that you need employment. If you need to smash your life, keep in your house and pull the curtains on the globe. Tip #3: Search on-line postings for 8-12 hours daily. Jobs square measure stuffed by folks, not computers, therefore you need to move with folks before you get the work. An eminent job hunt would possibly involve finding United Nations agency the hiring manager and making an attempt to contact him. however, that is a eminent job search technique, therefore you would not need to undertake that! Heaven forbid that you simply tenaciously decision somebody to search out out United Nations agency is in charge!
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  9. Wigger and Walker gotta be on it and it's hard to argue with Dudley but the Leitten thing I can't agree with you still have Hansen 4x, Young from FD who was a freak show, Borha? From FD he was a machine I think there whole team was in the finals that year and Ben LaPrad told me that if Wilson would have made weight he would have been in the finals as well and Jordan? Was "redshirting" don't know who that is. But the Beck Twins I really enjoyed watching. Wilson from FD pinned 50 people or something like that his senior year except for Armstrong 2 matches everyone else he pinned and pre 2010 you have to mention Deral Brown, Chris Teague, Coles Jr., and some kid that moved to FD from Oklahoma, Brantley Hooks,
  10. Jim Baxter


    Going to be interesting to see. There are some schools who will definitely move up - May River is way over 3A numbers right now. The interesting thing is going to be how the committee they formed decides to handle the Charter and private schools. I THINK they believe they can do a formula to make the charters play up but that is a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen. Those kids in the Charter schools are PULBIC school kids because the charters are PUBLIC Charters. A can of worms is about to be opened.
  11. Guest


    Who's going up and who's going down? thoughts?
  12. I heard today that the injury to Jamari Littlejohn, LB, Gaffney, is season ending, which would mean the Shrine Bowl will need to go ahead and name an alternate on the roster. I hate to see this for Jamari. He's a great kid and phenomenal player at the LB spot.
  13. So Justin Fields is taking only online classes at Ohio State. Is this the beginning of a trend/transition for the student-athlete in NCAA sports? Will it come to a point where the kids are not even on campus except at the sports facilities? And I'm not sure of how those things work but is there a potential for cheating on these classes by having someone else do the online work? (I honestly don't know how that works). What are your thoughts?
  14. If you listened to AD Ray Tanner on 107.5 The Game today, it sounds like he is nowhere near talking about Coach Muschamp being on even a lukewarm seat. He said he has the utmost confidence in him, comparing his win total to that of Spurrier and Hotz in the same time period. That is not something that a lot of the Gamecock fans who have been calling for a change wanted to hear. But the reality of this situation is that firing Muschamp prior to season being over would cost 22 million bucks; After December 31st it drops to 18 million. In addition to that money they would have to pay out, you then have the expense of getting the next coach. So is Ray Tanner confident in Muscamps ability to get this ship righted? Or is he confident that he's not going to enterain the idea of paying out a huge payout to make a change? I guess you can take his comments as they come across to you. Another reality, however, and this is just my opinion, is that if this Gamecock team goes 3-9 or worse (and possibly even if they win 4 games) and Muschamp is still at the helm, there is going to be at least a 30 to 40% loss of the 2020 recruiting class. I could be wrong on that but recruiting trends in situations like this prove otherwise. So, it's kind of a "damnded if you do, damnded if you don't" situation. I don't know if Muschamp is a good coach or not. I know he was a hell of a defensive coordinator. But I also know that as a head coach, he has made terrible hires. His two OC hires at SC rank among the worst. I like BMac. He's a good coach. He's over his head as an OC. And why would you, as a head coach of a power-five football program in the SEC, hire a guy with ZERO OC experience as your OC? Makes no good sense. I believe that these guys are, right now, coaching to not lose. They appear to be scared. You can see it in the eratic scheming/plan each game. Anyway, would love to hear the thoughts, constructively, from the Gamecock fans here.
  15. How good are the best teams in the country?
  16. The SoCon is starting to load up on SC kids. 3 wrestling for the Citadel now. Starks at App St and now these 2 committed to Campbell and 1 to Davidson! Plus you add Presbyterian College and the 4 or 7 SC wrestlers they have...Book you weekend now for Boone and the SoCon championships!
  17. Jake Fernicola - Davidson Keep it up guys, that’s 4 Has there been a year with this many going D1 from one graduating class? I can easily see quiet a few more making this list.
  18. Who would be on the Mt Rushmore of wrestlers from 2010 until now? I didn’t know much about SC wrestling until then. AJ Leitten Dudley Clay Walker Wigger
  19. CarolinaHawkeyeFan

    South Carolina Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

    Good ones. Burns was unbelievable back in the late 80's. Wish he had been eligible in '88 to match up with Stuckey. Selke should have been a 4xer and was just a natural talent. Very free spirit who always reminded me of the great 1970's wrestler Rick Sanders. The rest on this list were all incredibly fun to watch - especially Borja who was so slick. The one exception, for me, would be Brindel. He was very dominant at a time where the 215 weight class was new, but he never really opened up. Wrestling was his third sport and at times you could tell. Currently serving our country proudly in the Marines.
  20. Trinity Mat Dawgs are hosting a USSWA sponsored event next Saturday, September 21st at Trinity High School. Trinity High School is located in Trinity, NC, which is about five minutes away from High Point, NC. We hope to have a good number, so if you are interested in coming and want to conduct a satellite weigh-in contact b1coggins@randolph.k12.nc.us. The tournament will be ran on four mats and administered by Lee Lawson. You can register using the following link: http://usswa.net/index.php/component/registrationpro/day/20190921
  21. Jim Baxter


    Hosting a Twitter Chat and Q&A tomorrow night (Thursday 19th) at 9pm - 10pm. Details at link below. http://scvarsity.com/2019/09/18/ask-scvarsity-twitter-chat/
  22. Smoky Mtn. Duals Dec. 13 - 14, 2019 Sevierville Convention Center Sevierville, TN * still looking for a few teams Information Contact Coach Lauderdale : darrelllauderdale@sevier.org Also at the same venue: Dec. 13 - HS Duals / College Duals / Girls Tourn. Dec.14 - HS Duals / K-8 Top 100 Tourn. Dec.15 - Elem. Duals / MS Duals / K-8 Beginner Tourn.
  23. Jim Baxter

    Friday Night Feats?

    Coach, the nomination form is on the story itself. If you click on i tyou'll see the "click here" link
  24. I'm good on some of those but the best I've seen in person to be honest I would take these guys at there weights against anyone and I'm old school as well: Chris Burns Neil Selke Robert Quinn Clay Walker (hate to say it but he is a bad freaking dude) Close 2nds: Josh Brindel Ernest Stokes James Jones Borja from FD
  25. Jim... Where is the nomination page for this week's Friday Night Feats? I can only find the one from last week. Thanks for all you do.
  26. Mauldin HS (Greenville area) is looking to fill a few dates for the upcoming season. Many of you have reached out and that has gone a long way in putting a schedule together on short notice. Here are the weekends I need currently. Dec. 14 Jan. 11 Feb. 1 We also have a lot of openings for dual meets (our place or yours) and MS/JV matches. Reply here or email me rlbaker@greenville.k12.sc.us
  27. The new season is almost here. Take advantage today and get game quality custom uniforms at the lowest price available. These won't last long. B34 QI-Core Olympic Series Custom Wrestling Singlet: Fully custom designed wrestling singlet. 2 panel design using our QI-Core Lycra (80% nylon 20% Lycra) for unmatched fit and durability QI-Core temperature control fabric technology QI-Wick moisture control and rapid drying technology QI-Flex technology for unmatched freedom of movement and flexibility QI-Hold gel strip inside leg, arm and neck openings to prevent unwanted movement Flatlock stitching to maximize comfort 1 year warranty on performance and durability $19.34 No Minimum Order Quantity (Sale price valid for first 200 orders only) https://brand34sports.com/product/team-wrestling-singlets/ B34 Rumble Pack: 1 custom designed wrestling singlet 1 custom designed QI-Core moisture wicking t-shirt 1 pair custom designed fight or training shorts $41.34 No Minimum Order Quantity (Sale price valid for first 200 orders only) https://brand34sports.com/product/wrestling-rumble-pack/ B34 Venom QI-Core Shirts QI-Core fast dry moisture wicking technology 100% Sublimation anti fade printing Your choice of neck styles Loose or slim fit No minimum Get beyond the limited online configuration tools. Our Professional design services are included free of charge. If you don´t have a design, tell us a little about what you want and our designers will create concepts based on your preferences. We can customize everything from graphics to seam and thread color to suite your style. $6.99 https://brand34sports.com/product/venom-custom-qi-core-t-shirt/
  28. I'm selling a blue three section Resilite mat for $1,500. Each section has three practice circles on it- no competition circle on the other side. Mat is located in Fort Mill at Nation Ford High School. Email me at fortea@fortmillschools.org if interested.
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