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I’ve referred to recruiting as the “vast unknown” in the past because it IS a wilderness. It is confusing and sometimes will make absolutely no sense to you. Answers you get to some questions create new questions in your mind automatically. Navigating this process can be frustrating.

Football recruiting is big business for not only the colleges but for the players as well. While the value of a football scholarship varies based on factors like school and in-state versus out-of-state tuitions, you can be assured that it is worth anywhere from $80K to $200K. When you factor in “projected earnings” for players who would not have gotten an education without football, you could be looking at a value that easily exceeds one million dollars.

So what does it take to get that scholarship? What is it that those coaches are looking at when they go through their evaluations to decide whether you are worthy of not only playing for their program, but are worth the value of what they are going to be giving you in terms of education?

I’ve written this book, “Get Recruited: The Guide For the Football Recruiting Process” to answer a lot of the questions you may have and to guide you and your player through this process.

For everyone purchasing the paperback version of this book, you will get a FREE film room evaluation and you will also get a follow up video or audio conference call with me to ask any questions you have and to review the evaluation.

The time to prepare for this process is NOW. Get your copy TODAY!

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