Film Room Evaluation: Justus Boone, DE, Sumter (2021)

Justus Boone, DE, Sumter

Class of 2021

6-5, 250

Against run: He is a shutdown machine on anything coming his way and his backside pursuit of the run is better than any other player in this class.

Pass rush: His speed coming off the edge is like a sprinter and he smothers quarterbacks quickly before they can even think about scrambling.

Pursuit: As pointed out in run eval, he is excellent in pursuit and can get through the trash as if it isn’t even there.

Tackling: Wraps up well on the runners and quarterbacks and takes the ball carriers through the ground.

Initial quicks: Watch the film; it is almost as if he knows the snap count. I haven’t seen a would-be blocker get a good shot at him all season.

Recognition: Great instincts, reads, reacts, and pursues well.

Neutralizing blocks: Can control his blocker and, as I said in “quicks,” I haven’t seen him successfully blocked this past season.

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