Baxter’s Blitz: Instant Analysis of Class 3A and 2A

3A REGION 3          

Union QB Kesean Glover

The Newberry and Mid Carolina are competing in this upstate region and it is going to be tough for either to find a top spot. Woodruff, who’s only losses were to Southside Christian and Chapman, and Union County, losses to Chapman and AC Flora, are going to battle for the top spot. Mid-Carolina’s win over Emerald puts them in excellent position to try to get a playoff spot in this region.

Newberry’s defense gives up the big play and that will hurt them in the playoffs and against Union County. Mid-Carolina just doesn’t generate enough on offense to compete for a top spot.

PREDICTION based on this week’s analysis.

  1. Union County
  2. Woodruff
  3. Newberry
  4. Mid-Carolina
  5. Emerald
  6. Clinton


Chester QB Zan Dunham

Camden is going to battle with Chester for the region crown, with the loser getting the second place spot. I don’t think anyone else in the region is close to these two. Fairfield-Central, if they play to their talent level, can compete for the No. 2 spot.

Fairfield Central’s ground game has re-emerged and we will see just how strong it is when they take on Camden this week. This is a huge game because I think the winner is the No. 2 spot in the region.

Chester has no glaring weaknesses. Camden doesn’t either, but they have yet to win a game against an opponent with a winning record, so the question is, have they really been tested? Fairfield-Central has limped to a 4-3 record but has seen a couple of strong opponents in Blythewood and Westwood.  

PREDICTION based on this week’s analysis

  1. Chester
  2. Camden
  3. Fairfield-Central
  4. Indian Land
  5. Keenan


Gilbert’s Jy Tolen

This region is going to come down to Gilbert and Strom Thurmond.  The Indians continue to roll on offense this week with Jy Tolen tossing for close to 400 yards again.  He is clearly the most dangerous offensive player in this region. Strom Thurmond’s only loss came to 2A power Saluda and this team is on fire right now. They face each other in two weeks and that will determine the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in this region.

Swansea continues to baffle me. They are strong on offense one week and lethargic the next. If they are “on” this is a team that could finish in the third spot in this region. Pelion and Edisto will battle for the fourth spot here. Neither have been impressive thus far this season.

PREDICTIONS based on this week’s analysis

  1. Gilbert
  2. Strom Thurmond
  3. Swansea
  4. Edisto
  5. Pelion


Saluda QB Noah Bell

Abbeville is the cream of the crop in the entire class and this region belongs to them; playing the schedule out is just a formality. The question is, who is going to get the second spot?

Saluda has the athletes to compete with anyone on a good night for them. They annihilated Silver Bluff this week. Batesburg-Leesville has played a tough schedule and I think it will come down these two teams to determine the No. 2 and No. 3 places in the region.  

PREDICTION based on this week’s analysis.

  1. Abbeville
  2. Saluda
  3. Batesburg-Leesville
  4. Fox Creek
  5. Silver Bluff
  6. Ninety Six


Gray RB KZ Adams

Gray Collegiate continues to impress, knocking off 1A No. 1 Lamar this past week with defense. KZ Adams is the most dynamic player in this region. Right now, I don’t see anyone competing with them for this region crown.

Second place will be a race. I think that Calhoun County is the next strongest offensive team and will edge out CA Johnson for this spot. That said, the two play this coming week and will decide that for us.  

The winner of this region, assuming they win their first two playoff game, which they should, will see Abbeville in the third round.

PREDICTIONS based on this week’s analysis

  1. Gray Collegiate
  2. Calhoun County
  3. CA Johnson
  4. Columbia
  5. Eau Claire

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