Which team will shock in the SEC East?

Which SEC team has the best chance at shocking people this year? I’m gonna go ahead and say that my pick for that is Missouri. I think they are going to be a very good team with Kelly Bryant at signal caller.

I don’t think Florida can be considered “shocking” if they perform well because they looked strong at the end. I do think, however, they are going to be a solid team.

If you look at the East, It is really Tennessee and South Carolina who are the mysteries. If Missouri is as good as I think they will be, I think one of these two teams is the reason the other finishes fifth in the East.

The way I see it right now is this:
1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. Missouri
4. South Carolina
5. Kentucky
6. Tennessee

THAT is if Kentucky faulters in the wake of graduating their best player on each side of the football. If they don’t and are as good as their coach THINKS they are, we could see them at No. 4 and SC at No. 5.

Your thoughts? Opinions? Picks?

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